Date & Place of Birth: Amman, October 23, 1955
Marital Status: Married (3 children, 2 boys, 1 girl)
Nationality: Jordanian


  • B.A in Political Science

Languages:  Arabic and English

Professional Experience:

a)    1978-1980 (Beirut, Lebanon)

  • Political correspondent for several Arab newspapers
  • Editor in the Arabic section of (Falastin Al Thawra) organ of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Beirut.
  • Author of tens of articles, studies and research papers, published in various Lebanese and Arabic dailies.
  • Founder of the political studies center of (Al Hadaf), Palestinian weekly. (Al Hadaf) published tens of articles and studies concerned especially with Arab Israeli conflict and Middle East political crisis.

b)    1983-1988 (Damascus- Syria):

  • Editing manager of AL HADAF Palestinian Weekly.
  • Author of hundreds of published articles, studies and research papers on Middle Eastern political, economic, social and cultural issues.

c)     Cyprus, 1988-1994

  • Founder and General Manager of "Ibal Publishing Institution". That institution published the quarterly "Issues and Witnesses" that quarterly had specialized in the modernization issues, especially in Arabic culture and ideology fields.
  • Editor–in-Chief of the biweekly "Strategic Studies", which specializes in analyzing regional and international strategies in the Middle-East.
  • Editor-in-Chief of [The "Other" press] (Sahafatul Alakhar) weekly, which monitored, analyzed and published reports about the Israeli press content.
  • Had also supervised and publishing of tens of books and studies that "Ibal publishing Institution" published within the context of political and cultural thought.
  • General Manager of "Al-Quds Media", an office specializing in press services. The office provided several Arabic magazines with studies, reports, news and interviews.
  • Political analyst for the Qatar Broadcasting Corporation, as a specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs.

d)    1994-2005 (Jordan- Amman)

  • A day to day columnist of "Al Aswaq" Jordanian daily-1994.
  • (1995-now): The political editor and day to day columnist of AD-Dustour Jordanian daily.
  • 2000-now: Founder and general director of "Al Quds Center for Political Studies".
  • Writer of hundreds of articles and studies in most local (Jordanian) and Arabic magazines (dailies, weeklies, quarterlies…).
  • As a political writer, commentator and analyst, he has participated in hundreds of TV programs on several channels.
  • Produced and presented the weekly Jordan TV program "Qadaya wa Ahdath"(Issues and Events), "Malaffatul Qimmah" (Summit Files), (2001-2004).
  • Attended many of Arabic regional and international seminars, and conferences, and delivered many work papers on Middle Eastern affairs.
  • Member of the "International Organization of Journalists" (IOJ)-(1980-NOW).
  • Member of the "General Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists".
  • Member of the "Press Association".
  • Member of the "Jordan First Royal Committee"
  • Member of the "Political Sciences Academy New York, (January 2002-now).
  • Member of the Higher Information Council in Jordan responsible for information (2001 – 2004).
  • Member of the Board of the Jordanian Radio and Television Corporation (2003 - 2004).
  • Author and editor of several books on the Arab – Israeli conflict, Palestinian cause and Democracy in the Middle East