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Articles - Addostour - Date: 2020-01-29
By: Oraib Al Rantawi

Trump has left the Palestinians no choice but resistance.
Talk of anything else is an exercise in futility and delusion-peddling. The Palestinians have nothing left to lose. In a fit of 'generosity' fueled by myths and legends, the U.S. overlord has decided to bestow Jerusalem and half of the West Bank upon Israel, and the Palestinians should be grateful for this 'great historic' deal. There is no greater provocation than Trump saying he is certain the Palestinians will eventually accept the deal, and there is no greater insult than purporting to understand their interests better than the Palestinians themselves.
After occupying the West Bank for 53 years, Israel has failed to digest it. It has installed over 700,000 settlers, built dozens of settlements, erected apartheid walls and carved out winding roads between them designated for the settlers, and still the West Bank has remained too thorny a morsel to digest. This is where Trump and the 'deal of the century' come in – to enable Israel to digest what it has swallowed.

The Palestinians have no choice but resistance and victory. This battle has been imposed on them by an eccentric president fending off scandalous investigations from all sides, and by an Israeli PM no less scandalous in his values and morals. The former seeks to distract from the impeachment proceedings, while the latter faces charges of bribery and breach of trust. They have turned a noble cause and longstanding struggle into a distraction to deflect attention from their heinous acts.

Trump has silenced every speech and speaker. The battle is on, and the Palestinians will wage it wherever they reside, and we hope that the shock's impact has awakened their aging leaders lost in the haze of their delusions. We hope that this 'slap of the century' will revive the Palestinian corpus and bring it back to its senses. We hope that the Palestinians' reaction will not be seasonal or adopt scare tactics. The Palestinian people's cause has entered a new strategic phase that calls for a comprehensive, strategic confrontation on all tracks and fronts, using all manner of methods and tools.

The protests within Palestinian cities and villages must rise to the same level as those instrumental to upholding or rejecting CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) although that issue is irrelevant to the occupation. The streets and neighborhoods of Jerusalem must revive the spirit of the [2017 Jerusalem/Aqsa Mosque] Gate of Mercy intifada and the [Gaza] Marches of Return, which were leveraged for purely opportunistic purposes but must now chart a new path, utilizing all the instruments that can hurt the occupation and the flocks of settlers.

The PA must wash its hands of its agreements with Israel, as Israel has already shredded them to bits and Trump has set fire to anything left. Security coordination is out of the question, even if it incites Israel to shut down the PA, as there is no value to a PA that has become the foremost and ultimate embodiment of delusion and deception. And there is no need to renew recognition of Israel, after Israel and the Trump administration have withdrawn their recognition of the Palestinian's most basic rights and their sole legitimate national representative.

The outrage sweeping the Palestinian people wherever they reside does not mean that none of their leaders and influential figures have selfish interests tied to the propagating the status quo. These people must be singled out, and the ulterior motives behind their rhetoric with its 'realist' overtones must be exposed, as they have only ever been part of the problem, and it is inconceivable for them to be part of the solution.

Thwarting and foiling the 'deal of the century' is a viable goal, especially since only a meager handful of Arab governments accept it, as Trump himself has admitted.

However, this goal requires harnessing the energies of the Palestinian people as a whole and foregoing dysfunction, infirmity, and division.