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Articles - Addostour - Date: 2019-10-14
By: Oraib Al Rantawi

The fact that Turkey will find it difficult to establish another Sanjak of Alexandretta East and West of the Euphrates should be no reason for excessive optimism or trust in the honeyed promises that [Turkish President] Recep Tayyip Erdogan keeps making the Syrians, Turks, Arabs, and the international community.
Northern Cyprus serves as a living witness to life under successive Turkish governments and civil and military regimes. It has been under occupation for nearly fifty years, with no signs of a political solution on the horizon. On the contrary, the Cypriot crisis has become even more complicated and aggravated due to the recently discovered [offshore] oil and natural gas reserves.
We are no longer in the 1930s; we are nearing the end of the second decade of the 21st century and it will be an uphill battle for Turkey to justify annexing the territories of an Arab League, OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference), and UN member state with clearly demarcated borders. However, this will not prevent Ankara from searching for pretexts and excuses to perpetuate its occupation, consolidate its hegemony and subjugation of the region, and maybe even work towards Turkification. Sometimes it resorts to the pretext of 'fighting separatist terrorists' or 'global jihad', and at other times, it hides behind 'protecting minorities' and preventing the [Syrian] regime that 'kills its own people' from achieving a foothold in the area, and so on and so forth.
The chances of another Northern Cyprus scenario will increase if Turkey's forces and the affiliated factions under its support expand their ethnic cleansing operations and re-engineer Northern Syria's demographics so as to destroy the Kurdish corridor and replace it with an Arab-Sunni strip. Footage of cold-blooded executions of Kurdish civilians, politicians, politicians do not appear to have been released by mistake or accident. They are apparently intended to intimidate the population and drive larger numbers to flee their cities and villages in a shameful reproduction of Zionist gang tactics in Palestine.
Villages in the Northeast and Northwest alike are likely to suffer the same fate as Northern Cyprus when thousands of Turks were relocated to the area and resettled in occupied Greek cities, always with the goal of re-engineering their demographics. In Cyprus, this was justified based on the Northern Cypriots' Turkish identity, and in Syria the same may occur under cover of the Turkmen presence [in Northern Syria], whose numbers Turkey has always inflated and exaggerated.
However, Turkey will not find its mission in Northern Syria at all easy. Even if the Syrian Kurds were to be defeated in wide-scale open battles with the invading army, they will not stop resisting Turkey's military and civilian presence, even if under the guise of proxy militias, some reportedly drawn from the ranks of the Nusra Front and ISIS, taking a page out of the latter's book in the art of orchestrating brutality.
And in their war against the Turks, they will find growing support from their fellow Kurds across the entire region. Even the Kurds close to Ankara ([Iraqi Kurdish leader] Barzani's party) have been overcome by anger to witness Turkish tanks crossing the Northeastern Syrian border. Moreover, Turkey has international and regional enemies who will never miss the opportunity to turn Syria's North into a quagmire of security, economic, and human losses for Turkey. Turkey is fighting its 'safe zone' battle isolated from support, with few exceptions.
Operation Spring of Peace does not live up to its name in its substance or objectives. It will bring neither peace nor stability to Turkey or to Northern Syria and its refugees.
Its 'spring' will overflow with all the demons of hatred, violence, and terrorism in the area, and other countries across the entire region will not be spared the collateral damage and repercussions.