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Articles - Addostour - Date: 2019-08-06
By: Oraib Al Rantawi

When the events of 9/11 took place, every last U.S. official and institution criticized the culture of hatred and incitement against the 'other' that had spread and settled across several Arab and Muslim countries and societies, under the slogan, 'Why do they hate us?'
Comprehensive reviews of U.S. foreign policy have taken place over the last half century. The conclusion reached by U.S. decision-making circles is that some of Washington's friends were more dangerous to it and to its security, stability, and interests than some of its traditional adversaries and enemies.
The U.S., especially after Barack Obama's arrival to the White House, derived many of its positions and policies from this 'new vision', and its relations with allied Arab capitals worsened against the background of its concerns regarding 'human rights', 'democratization, and political reform'. The U.S. Treasury allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to combating extremism and radicalism, drying them up at the sources, and extinguishing the hotbeds of hatred and incitement. A theory emerged in Washington that favored Shiite over Sunni political Islamism in its policies and approaches, since the terrorism that has engulfed the U.S., Europe, and the world can, for the most part, be described as belonging to one school or another of Sunni political Islamism.
Under Trump, Washington has stuck with some of the policies of that period, but without paying attention to issues such as freedom, democracy, and human rights. Trump and his administration are more concerned about creating a new strain of political Islamism that can generate an alignment with their regional policies and strategies, and have entrusted this mission to some of their [Arab Gulf] allies. It is totally impermissible for the latter to incite or spread hatred against Washington and Tel Aviv, given their responsibility for funding the campaign to drain the resources and extinguish the hotbeds of hatred.

But the Trump administration, which is implicated in launching global projects of this kind and is urging its allies to come up with the budgets needed for this purpose, has, in turn, broadcast the most heinous campaigns of hate and incitement against those 'others' who differ in color, race, language, and religion. White supremacy has returned to rear its ugly head again. The clock has been turned back years and decades, with some of the president's speeches and intimations displaying contempt for women and ridicule towards black people and people of color, all the way to attacks on immigrants, the war on Hispanics, and sympathy for the incitement against Islam and Muslims that has been revitalized as never before.
This culture of hatred and incitement that is upheld by the senior ranks of the administration, particularly the president himself, has taken the form of a transition in U.S. society to a new, unfamiliar, state of polarization and division. Racist perspectives have become entrenched all over, and some have begun to practice what they consider to be the 'white man's right' to purge the country of the abomination of immigrants, people of color, and Muslims. The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton have claimed the lives of nearly 30 people and injured over 50, to add to the roster of crimes committed over the past two years driven by racial and hate-based motivations. This represents the bitter fruit of the president and his companions' incitement campaigns and the culture of hatred, which has encroached upon non-white members of Congress, including contempt, charges of treason, and racist ridicule of their countries and communities of origin.
The U.S. has not yet healed from the wounds of 9/11. However, no president in contemporary U.S. history, has spread hatred and incited exclusion of the other as Donald Trump has done and continues to do.
"Is there a need for another U.S. JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) to support the families of the victims of Dayton and El Paso, and the others who have fallen prey to the unruly and unhinged attitudes and unbridled statements launched from the deepest and darkest of base instincts to millions of followers on Twitter, with no oversight or accountability?